Our favorite Finnish alternative rock band has just made a noteworthy comeback. Poets of the Fall released their newest single, titled ‘Drama for Life’, on August 5th, along with its lyric video.
It’s been 2 years since the release of the band’s latest album, Jealous Gods (2014). The album was an instant hit with fans and it deservingly resided on the number 1 spot in the Finnish Top 40 list for its release time. And finally, after a long wait, the band announced recently that their new album will be titled Clearview and will be released on September 30th 2016.

“Prepare yourself for ten explosive tracks of grit and tenderness”, the band wrote on their Facebook page, and with ‘Drama for Life’, they stayed true to their promise. The song is largely reminiscent of some of their earlier releases, particularly on albums like Carnival of Rust (2006) and Revolution Roulette (2008).

Following the lead of the well-defined, loud riffs and dominant drums, Marko Saaresto sings the anthem to someone who has been “sentenced to drama for life.” As usual, the Poets stay true to their name and the better part of the song remains the extremely well-written and sharply descriptive lyrics.

What you can particularly like about this song is the difference in the atmosphere of the chorus compared to that of the rest of the song. True to his reputation, Marko covers a wide vocal range in one song, and even does a speaking bit at 2:17. With all that, the song still manages to present itself as a whole unit, delivering its message loud and clear: how self-destructive the subconscious mind can be.

As Marko elaborates, “The song is about the workings of the wonderful machine that is the human mind. The machine that can create unique and brilliant new ideas but also cause us so much trouble. So often our minds drive us towards these checkmate situations as if we had this internal designer playing an aggressive game of chess against ourselves.”

Accordingly, the lyric video shows Marko using expressive body and hand movements to visualize the idea of the song.

The song makes it to a 7.5/10, only because we’re hopeful that the rest of the album would show the Poets venturing more out of their comfort zone and exploring newer territories in terms of musical style.