The issue of losing faith can be one of the most troubling and intimate things an individual can go through during their lives. So, it was exhilarating to find it handled with such humor as in Isaiah Singer’s latest single ‘Plenty Of Time’

Brooklyn’s own Isaiah Singer is a singer/songwriter/guitarist whose style can be categorized as indie rock with his own distinctive, vintage style that calls to mind some of the 70s and 80s snappiest and funkiest rock bands. On ‘Plenty Of Time’, Isaiah sings about suffering from a broken system of faith, a concept he came to contemplate during the frustration of the Covid lockdowns, and along with it many observations against American culture. Now, ‘Plenty Of Time’ is not a political song, even if it makes a couple of snarky remarks against certain people who do certain things, at its core, the song is a song that calls for everyone to be there for each other to try to make out an existence a lighter experience. And he does this in the rockiest of possible ways. 

The song is a symphony of overdriven, delicious-sounding guitars playing pure rock and roll riffing, a noteworthy solo, a rock hard groove, and Isaiah’s own memorable vocal delivery, all seemingly held together by a production job that’s as sweet as it can get, and an iconic slide guitar lick that sounds like it descended right from heaven.

‘Plenty Of Time’ is such a rocking tune with a sweet message underneath the sneers that would surely get some people offended. Give it a couple of listens and think about the words deeply and I assure you that whatever offended you will dissipate and you’ll find yourself stuck there with an awesome piece of rock.