Chris Mendoza

Harlow’s Monkeys is the brainchild of songwriter/producer Tommy P. With one LP, two EPs and a number of singles in his catalogue, Tommy cemented his sound and connection with his fans with his warm mix of influences and lyrics and now, he is back with the warm, sometimes cinematic, and super enjoyable new single “Pleasure” that’ll be out 1st of September, 2022.

You’ll know you’re upon something special right from the intro of “Pleasure”. The mesmerising classic guitar followed by dramatic electric guitar and groovy bass will get you right into the Harlow’s Monkeys zone. Things get even more dramatic at the verse with keyboard melodies and groovy enjoyable vocals that lead us slowly to an easy going playful bridge and then into the singalong simple fluid chorus. I loved how new lines were added like the use of drums at the 2nd verse that hyped the mood up and the careful effective use of classic guitar every now and then, and the overall guitar work is pretty significant and well-written in great harmony with the keyboards both engaging in a melodic conversation. 

“Pleasure” is a dynamic, energetic and multi-layered tune that keeps growing and evolving with each added layer, melody and dynamic shift turning into a bigger sound, making it one of the most interesting tunes I’ve listened to lately. If you are a fan of indie rock, it has everything you like about it and if you are not, give it a shot I’m sure you’re gonna fall for it. Looking forward to more, cheers!