This review is about a Rock band from Germany, Frankfurt formed in 2004 called ‘Please’. Please will bring you chills down your spine especially when you hear the bass in their music! They got the grunge kinda heavy stoner rock flavor in their songs and their style will make you want to replay their songs more than once, at least that’s what I ended up doing.

The first track in the EP, “You Know” has a lot of energy to it; the bassist perfects the distortion which matches the guitar riffs well. “The Different” starts with slightly softer riffs and delicate vocal tones. I like the diversity in this EP; the band delivered what they have to say and sing perfectly crystal clear; any listener will be able to engage and relate to what they try to say in their music. “She’s Right” is the ultimate end to this EP, you’d listen to the track over a couple of things with a beer in hand and waving your hair. Moreover, the band did a great job recording this EP at a high quality for us to enjoy.

I hope everyone enjoys and find a piece to relate to while listening to this amazing band, you can download their songs from their page

Rim El Jurdi and NJ Bakr.