Luca Falvo

Please Me is a stunning look into the dynamics of a pretty terrible relationship. And it’s very beautiful in fact.

Hailing from Warrnambool, the Aussie Minami Deguchi was born in a Japanese household. He’s been exposed to classical piano training at the dear little age of 3 and went on to study piano on an academic level throughout his childhood and adolescence. Now this is an Emo rock song. Chock-full of scratchy, distorted guitars, it’s near impossible to guess the classical origins of Minami, but they’re there. The aforementioned guitars and the solid drums are only a backing to the intricate composition, which is both playful and full of attitude, but also quite emotionally charged, especially in the classically inspired coda. Jemma Killen’s feature is a beautiful contrast from Deguchi’s low, gentle rumbles with her confident, soaring highs. A breakneck riff, followed by a solo in the middle boldly announces the start of the emotional coda in a stunning moment of musical arrangement. Distorted, yet pillowy and accommodating.

Please me is a song that’s about to bring the whole Emo thing back in action. Or at least it will try. It’s a beautifully written and produced piece of characterful music, with an educated, passionate group of individuals as its proponents. An equally amazing listen to both the musician and the music lover.


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