Technically, when you listen to the song you will love it from the first time, and you may put it on repeat mode even. The band tried through their fourth single to demonstrate the global and overall emotional feel of the world. As they are trying to express their anger and frustration of governments and how they control the society “We are tired and frustrated, angry and confused about how the governments run and control our society. Close to the edge and ready to explode.” – the band explained. I believe the beauty of ‘Playing with Fire’ is how they blended styles like rock, trap, and EDM all together by blending driven overdriven riffs, trapping beats, and dazzling electronic atmosphere. Check out their music and feel the vibes below!

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Mena Ezzat

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Not only his love for international music bands shaped his life, but he was also in love with independent artists and bands in Africa and the Middle East since 1998. The idea of Rock Era was shaped in 2001, but finally was implemented in 2004; it was a spark of an idea to serve and support; the musicians in the Middle East as well as Worldwide. Mena is also the founder and owner, Naqada Music Management.