9 o’clock Nasty Take us on a quick racetrack ride,

Their new song (DriverPlay boy) (Original Single) Combines many different rock rhythms with unrestricted guitars.

The lyrics of the song tell a lot of fun, speed, and recklessness, and at the same time, there are other aspects of this song.
The song is about some routine life full of car love, sex, and alcohol, and it turns into a race, With glory and driving as fast as possible to reach the peak of adrenaline.
We’ve brought you everything, and that’s to say you’re going to live life properly because you’re going to take more and more.
From the beginning of the music, the music band boasts of entering the rhythms and guitar movements of the dancers by jumping the RPM in the car to show us the strength of their musical engine and the quality of their performance.
The music takes us impressively to 90s rock sounds with a lot of guitars and rhythms on the ear with all the power to make every piece in your body dance from hyper-adranial.
And you can’t stop running it over and over again
(Playboy driver) one song.There’s nothing fun or eclectic about this.This is the Statement of intent, Garage rock.
The band also explained that the song was worked on next to the new motor racing season in Formula 1, a song Key to real high-speed movement.The band would like to try to explain all this nonsense to you in an interview or read what you did find now.
And the sense of risk to win is always going to drive you crazy with their own musical Signature.
9 o’clock Nasty will Release the new song at 19/03/2022

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