The band’s most recent single, “Playa,” was released after a brief hiatus. If having a dry period is required to create such a hit, then all musicians should indulge in it from time to time. As they stated, this single is the first of a series of singles that will be released every 2 months, so stay tuned! They have a lot up their sleeves to offer.

What I enjoyed best about “playa” was that the band stated that they wanted a short, happy, and ATDI energy song, and they delivered exactly that. The vocals ergs you to go back in a nostalgic time and enjoy it, and the grunge, rock and emo melodies are the time machine that takes you back. The harmonious rhythm with dynamic, energetic loudness magically blind to deliver joy.
The beat slows down, the vocals mingle with the poetic lyrics “We will keep our promises, and try to hold on”, then the beat picks up again, causing your heart to beat faster and faster.

For a lusty and soothing sound that will take your breath away, listen to the song below.

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Viola Karmy