Frankie Crea

After a 3 years hiatus, Australian artist Frankie Crea returns with “Plateaus”, a song written and recorded from the heart in 30 mins to represent the feel-good tune that everyone needs. As we all keep swaying through life’s ups and downs, it’s comforting to find someone speaking our minds in an artistic way the way Crea did in “Plateaus”. 

Frankie started playing guitar when he was 5 years old and he clearly made good use of that, his guitar work is this song’s highlight, one time by laying some sweet jazzy chords and arpeggios, the other time by mixing them with the most enjoyable melodic licks and solos, especially after the 2nd chorus. The fluid vocal melody backed by Crea’s vocal abilities drew a lot of attention to the lyrics as it transitions smoothly from a mellow melody in verse to a groovier and more dynamic one at the pre-chorus and catchy emotional chorus. I can’t let this review go without praising the significant groovy, interesting bassline “Plateaus” has. It made a lot of impact on my listening experience from the very beginning of the song that I think-from my humble POV- would have benefitted more if the intro chords lasted for a couple more bars before the introduction of the vocals.

“Plateaus” is a well-crafted tune musically and lyrically molded to form the fresh breeze we need through all the chaos going on in the world these days. Frankie Crea’s style that dwells in the grey area between indie, alternative, and pop rock gave him space and freedom to unleash his creative abilities in a way I would love to follow through with upcoming releases. Welcome back Frankie glad you ended this hiatus, and looking forward to more. Cheers!