After their previous single, “Green Light,” Danish rock band North Ship returns with a psychedelic vibe and a slightly faster pace with their latest single, “Plastic House,” which puts you on alert because of the rhythm, but it vibrates at a separate wavelength than usual.

Instead of the simple, repetitive spells that have been used before, “Plastic House” is more like a thought and musical experience. Because it blends curiosity and depth, translated into elements of Indie Rock, Wave Rock, and Psychedelic Rock.

North Ship invites you to imagine their own plastic house. It’s a “safe house,” but “not a normal house” where you can do whatever you want. There’s room to be who you are, but anyway, don’t forget that it’s industrial, causing your brain to think about safety and identification.

Melodically, singer-guitarist Tom Golzen and drummer Francis Nørgaard have created an immersive sound that immerses you as the guitar pickers enchant you. They create a vocal mood that energizes you.

While “plastic house” does not drown you in the depths of your mind like “green light,” it does manage to achieve the desired detachment from reality through the melody. And that is the point of any psychologically-based melody, which is to separate you.

North Ship is known to produce psychedelic haze and an altering presence on your mind, so this song will likely appeal to fans of David Bowie’s Blackstar stage, Arctic Monkeys, and 90s-influenced Alternative Rock.