Heather Gildroy

From Austin, Texas, multi-instrumentalist and producer 1st Base Runner known as Tim Husmann brought us one of his versions of “Planter” with the track dropped from his third EP “Light Roars” which saw the light of day recently in June 2022.

1st Base Runner develops and expands its unique sound on the lines of guitars and the beats of live drums. He blends the spectral layers of Post-punk with his enchanting vocals with a voice that carries both whisper and roughness simultaneously as if from another dimension.

Husmann begins his track “Planter” on creepy undertones that lend an ominous vibe to the lyrics, giving a percussion that seems light but dense and deep rust because of the pulsating bass line and pulsating sines that show ghostly ripples of sound.

1st Base Runner manages to convey and capture well the hypnotic vibes of “Planter”, with an excellent production to release one of the best songs of the year and supplemented with a black and white protagonist video in which the director plays with lights and faded footage to emphasize the psychedelic vibe.

I loved this video because it reminded me of silent movies, where even in black and white with skillful use of lights you can imagine scenes in color. With its blurry changing images, this video manages to give us a sense of confusion escalating to the point of madness, and it manages to represent the music of 1st Base Runner as the arrangements can color the atmosphere of the past and show the creativity that emanates from the wonderful music of this talented artist.

“Planter” is a really fun and professionally made track that you can add to your active playlist that sends you constantly renewable energy.