Alternative rock outfit InAir released a new atmospheric rock single titled “Pieces” on the 10th of February from Reading, United Kingdom.

InAir is a rock trio from Reading consisting of Joe Connely, Aaron Iley, and Connor Shortt with previous releases dating back to 2016, including multiple EPs.


The influences on InAir‘s music comes from all over rock and metal, as they blur the solidified line between two genres that were once one. The catch here is that they don’t sound just like classic hard rock or old school metal, like the days when both were one and the same. 

InAir take influences from modern and contemporary rock and metal subgenres and blend them together so perfectly, that it doesn’t sound like fusion, rather it sounds like the birth of a new genre in its own right.

As heard in their latest single “Pieces” InAir took elements from post rock, punk, melodic metal, progressive, and so much more in a blend that sounds massive and anthemic.

Speaking of that massive sound, the soundscape of guitars, synths, bass, and huge drums is unbelievable! Every second of “Pieces” sounds full and lush. The synths are bright and wide, the guitars reverberate with tone-defined distortion, and every cymbal hit on the drums is like a wave in an ocean! 

All of that would have made a superb instrumental on its own, but the epicness of “pieces” doesn’t stop there. The powerfully emotional and raspy voice delivering each line of the anthemic melody and mind melting lyrical writing takes this to the level of crème de là crème works of art.

I don’t know what else to say about this track. Why are you still reading this? Go listen to “Pieces” by InAir.