MICART are masterful rockers headed by mastermind Mick B. Hardt. They recently released their latest cheerful single “Jump In” which is a great smart mix of vintage rock tone combined with a modern touch. They really remind me of many glam rock acts throughout the past 4 decades. The music will motivate you to dance and to cheer up and the tightness of the rhythm guitars with drums are capable to make you ‘Jump in’ from your chair! I love it indeed. Well, MICART‘s music is one of the daily tracks that you need such vibes on your daily routine. ‘Jump In’ has been produced and mixed by Mick B. Hardt. And it’s been mastered by Ludwig Maier (GKG Mastering). Get ready now and start jumping! 😉

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Well, it’s time to go heavier but this time with a band from a country that has a huge influence on the worldwide metal scene. GERMANY! Yeah! Horizis are German melodic metal machines that have an outstanding output! Definitely, the iconic Scorpions are a signature hard rock/heavy metal band for sure, still, there are numerous legendary names including Avantasia, Edguy, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Crematory, among countless veteran names. In my opinion, in a few years, Horizis will be added among these names too. ‘Total Party Kill’ is Horizis latest single. It’s a great and smart fusion really because the music structure is perfectly merged between heavy riffs and orchestral elements, in addition, these guys are trying to deliver something new including the known metal screams and shots vocals along with mezzo-soprano vocals in a great combination. Well, as you can see in their image they guys are describing themselves as a “Nerd Metal” group which suits their performance and epic music too. I believe such bands cannot be added to your music library. Don’t miss the music video below! Enjoy!

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Tell me, who on earth doesn’t like energetic tunes?! The Einbeck-based group Green Machine presents the essence of rock/metal vibes through their debut album ‘Beer Metal.’ Which the album title track is our main focus here, actually, it’s marvellous! Full of energy, powerful vocals, tight bass and drums structure, and great engineer too! Still, I was expecting an insane solo here, but as you know this is the beauty of music, each one of us feels it from a different perspective. These dudes created an energetic powerful record but also they keep diversity within their lyrics, so I highly recommend checking the whole album too when it comes out tomorrow. It was a nice idea to start the track using a slow-burning technique reading to energetic riffs. The music video filming style wasn’t catchy for me enough, anyhow, it served the song idea in a way or another. Check it out below!

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Mena Ezzat