I believe that Tonight by Multi Ultra is your daily dose of the vintage rock sound along with distinguished post-punk output. The band provides a melodic atmosphere through their latest single, and what is really admiring is how they used effects perfectly for their final mix, which gave a great outcome indeed. Also, I recommend while checking their ‘Tonight’ don’t miss the song bridge and outro, stunning! Well done, guys! Don’t miss checking out their music on Spotify below! 

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Usually, I am not into Pop-punk/post-hardcore really but I was really amazed by the Canadian group Calling All Captains while checking their latest single Undone, I believe these dudes were able to pour an original sound not like any other group plays the same style recently. I love their energetic vibes as well as their melodic riffs so much, which many new bands these days don’t focus on melody really. ‘Undone’ has been released by Equal Vision Records. Check out their socials below!

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When you listen to Low Gear‘s Chemical Burn for the first time you might get confused by its style, and when I checked their submission, I was more confused by the provided genres “Screamo / Post-Hardcore, Industrial, Hard Rock.” But literally, they definitely nailed it! These guys were able to deliver several styles in one song, yeah! hardcore, industrial atmosphere, in addition to heavy and extreme metal influences. Frankly, I don’t find any negative point for the track, seriously, 2:40 minutes of professionalism, originality, and creativity! Also, I’d like to salute them for the arrangement and the song mix, impressive really.

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Mena Ezzat

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