Deifinelty, I am amazed by Sarah Wild insanely energy! ‘Monster in the Fire’ is her latest single which gives a rock thrill that you won’t feel anywhere else this year! The music is very catchy and melodic indeed, and I loved how it’s aligned perfectly with the vocals. Sarah Wild tries to present an impressive mix between old-school using modern production elements. When you check the track you will feel the bluesy classic rock vibes right away, but also you gonna feel the mix isn’t vintage at all, ib my opinion, this is one of the smartest tracks I have listened to this year, as I believe that all of the song elements over here are perfectly made. Well, if you’re looking for something spooky and energetic for your Halloween party, then I highly recommend Monster in the Fire. Enjoy!

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Now, we’re heading to Newcastle, United Kingdom, to feel the original English punk-rock vibes by the alternative rockers, Crux. ‘Incel’ taken from their debut EP “Death at the Cash Machine,” which delivers in my opinion will revolutionize punk music indeed. These incredible dudes are keen to present the vintage punk soul through an impressive modern progressive form, which is done perfectly! I love their tightness and I won’t deny that the solo reminded me of the powerful rockin’ ones in the late ’80 and early ’90s. I believe the progressive part can be felt obviously through the song outro, which is a great closure for the track. Keep rockin’, guys!

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And now, for the last Pick of the Week, I will choose Entrée Libre‘s track, Aller Simple. Well, I didn’t really understand what the song is about because it was in French only, same as the given press info, which is my main problem with many French bands really. I adore their music so much, still, they need to provide English info to help to understand the lyrical topics. “Aller Simple” music video as well as the music is like an amazing ’80s and ’90s journey too, but this one is with an impressive pop spirit. The track was built over a rock structure, but the pop influence is pretty clear which make the song look so live to me! Feel the vibes below!

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Mena Ezzat