Dear Amber is a Danish alternative rock group, who recently released their third track ‘Nothing’s Bent, Just Broken’ from the upcoming EP ‘Sparks Equal Fall’ which is set to be released on August 13, 2021. Unlike other modern alternative acts, what really grabbed my attention first is the duration of the track, because most bands these days on average of 4 minutes track max! So when I got their submission of 5 minutes duration and started to listen to it reminded me of the golden days of the late 90s and early 2000s alternative band. Actually, their music is very similar to such a vintage rock tone. I believe these guys gonna have a very bright future. Check their social below! 

Dear Amber on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud

Greeting from Orlando! Jordan Micheal Peterson is a singer-songwriter who is known for uplifting and cheerful hits. ‘Better Kind of Love’ is his latest single and I loved the structure very much indeed. I loved how it’s like a combination of an adult contemporary atmosphere blended with a pop-rock ballad. Also, his singing tone is very unique, and I believe that it fits his music perfectly. Nothing better than Peterson words describing his track “This is an uplifting, soulful piano-pop song about my (possibly naive) hope that we can treat each other better as humans. It’s got a 70’s vibe and it’s a high energy, happy song!” Well done, man! Ah, check it on his socials below and don’t miss the sax solo! 😉

Jordan Micheal Peterson on Facebook, InstagramYouTube, and Spotify

No one denies that the Norwegian rock/metal scene is one of the most influential music scenes worldwide since the ’80s and till now. Numerous acts you are already in love with for sure, today, I am gonna talk about the composer and multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl who was got featured five times in Rock Era playlists already before. Although the weak point for his latest track is the long title already “I Know the Time is Coming to Say Goodbye to You” still, I loved the classic rock influences over here. The track is so emotional really, and the vintage guitar tones were chosen carefully by him which fits the track in a remarkable way. I believe that Filip’s voice is one of the strongest points over here, I loved the retro vocals mix, especially when the guitar hits with a solo it simply takes you 3 decades back to feel the charm. “This song is about the sad feelings and emptiness that hits you so hard once you realize that someone or something which has been of crucial importance in your life, soon will not be around anymore.” – Filip Dahl explained. Feel the classic vibes below! 

Filip Dahl on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, and Spotify.


Mena Ezzat


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