In mixing multiple influences and genres, Melbourne-based trio Secret Lung found a way to make powerful tracks and unforgettable live performances. Their latest release is the riff-based and bass-heavy “Phantom Limbs” which mixes Pop-Punk, Emo, Alternative Rock, as well as hard rock in a seamless blend of powerful and relentless rock n roll mastery. The track begins with the bass line and the guitars and you already know this is not your average rock band or beginner “boys jamming at their uncle’s garage” kind of act, it feels like experienced and accomplished musicians playing through expertise and raw emotion. The lyrics are a metaphorical (and at some points literal) middle finger to the character’s past relationship which he addresses with a mix of anger, resentment, and disappointment and it truly sounds authentic and empowering. 

As for the vocals, they are mostly in the tenor range but a lot of the phrases are sung in the mixed register and in a very clear tone that will strike you as a more aggressive version of Brendon Urie. The song then moves to a super cool guitar solo followed by a chorus and a bridge/build-up section that felt like it would take me to a heavy breakdown or a faster section. To my surprise, the phrase “the race is on” was repeated followed by a breakdown that’s actually slower in tempo albeit being heavier and more headbanging-friendly. I gotta give kudos to the amazing drums and the bass guitar for generating this vibe that (quite literally) ended the song on a high note.

The larger-than-life sound of the guitars, bass, and drums is accentuated through world-class production and a crystal-clear sound that balances all the instruments beautifully. I kept repeating the song over and over to gear the fine details in between the tone of the bass, the backing vocals, and the different drumming techniques and rudiments. There’s really a lot to digest here, and that’s what makes the song a great experience. This is one of those acts I hope I can catch at a live performance one day because I’m sure they will bring home the same energy and emotional kick they show in this amazing new single.