On the 25th of November 2022, British singer/songwriter Gabrielle Ornate will be back with a unique mix of rock, pop, and even psych in a dark, spacey setting on her upcoming single “Phantasm”. Or as she described it,

“Phantasm is a dark fairytale about finally putting an end to a karmic curse.”

So, let’s see how it goes,

“Phantasm” starts with a warm-up beautiful spacey melody that sets the mood and smoothly builds up to a really powerful verse with an amazing powerful vocal melody, Gabrielle’s full-of-life powerful vocals and her clear sense of melody wrapped the heavy beats with a fluid melodic layer that breathed life into the verse and chorus. What I loved the most about “Phantasm” is its subtle heaviness and how it was perfectly mixed with atmospheric synths and Gabrielle’s dominant dynamic vocals, all in a seamless flowing structure that kept on getting interesting with its smooth dynamics that’ll keep you totally hooked. 

“Phantasm” is a heavy rocking sound journey that’s been dipped in synths and modern elements, and then skillfully crafted into a very unique modern sound filled with melodies and emotions. Its streaming structure gave its well-written and harmonized melodies a solid flow that helped them be really heard. I’m definitely keeping an eye on Gabrielle Ornate’s music and will be looking forward to more awesomeness, cheers!


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