After a wild career of music writing and massive performances including sharing the stage with Creed and Godsmack, performing at the AMA’s, and an appearance in the first season of the Star Search reboot featuring Martha Quinn of MTV, Madam Who? took a 15 years hiatus only to hit back on the 19th of January 2024 with Peter Meter, a colorful tune with fluid melodies and inescapable hooks that’ll get you grooving and following her. Let me tell you more about it. 

Madam Who? powerfully kickstarts Peter Meter with an irresistible melody and badass playful vocals, instantly hooking the listeners and setting them up for an adrenaline-pumping ride. Her diverse changing vocal melody, charismatic delivery, and energetic flow all come together creating a mood-boosting structure that’s being pushed forward towards a bigger and catchier sound by the pounding beats and driving melodies, all within a balanced dynamic structure with subtle build-ups creating smooth twists and turns that keep the listeners on board and constantly jumping around, all leading to a massive outro that leaves you humming its main melody and playing Peter Meter all over again from the top.

Peter Meter is a solid fun tune with a lovely smooth progression and super catchy flow, it brightly shows Madam Who?’s clever writing and great sense of melody as she managed to put together a simple yet unstoppable groove and flow that carries the listeners throughout its wild sound shifts, keeping them entertained and following every move she makes without losing them for a second. Will definitely be looking forward to more from Madam Who?, keep on rocking. Cheers!