Melissa Nannen

The Philly-based duo ‘The Margaret Hooligans’ just dropped their latest single “Pete and Roger”; the fifth single of their highly anticipated upcoming album “Turntable Tribulations”. The band started releasing one single each month from the album from April till its official release date in October which they were all recorded in their house basement. Although their style is highly influenced by legends like The Who, New Orleans, James Brown, Miles Davis, Soul Train, The White Stripes, Grateful Dead, and Fiona Apple, the duo has a very special style and unusual sound that is solely theirs. With Meg Cratty on electric ukulele and lead vocals, while Mr. Strontium on drums, teapot, and backup vocals, they create an ambiance and style like no other that lingers in their listeners’ minds for a while. “Pete and Roger” is a tribute song to legends Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of “The Who” band that tells the story of how they both met and their unbreakable friendship. The song has a theme of lyrical repetition that is supported by layers of harmony, powerful riffs played on the electric ukulele giving a sense of distortion, and an elaborate drumline. They were keen on adding key elements that displayed the greatness of “The Who” while adding their twist to it. A very interesting song that keeps us eager to find out more about the entire album and its themes.