Credit: Eric Dolan

Wotts’s endlessly inventive indie pop returns with ‘PETALS’. A rapid-fire piece of experimental pop with noisy leanings and the duo’s unmistakable vocal flair. Challenging in only the best of ways, difficult but utterly enjoyable, ‘PETALS’ is everything that we know and love about Wotts and their peculiar ways. 

The indie pop darling duo from Ottawa are old enough to be well established, fresh enough to be impressive in their reach and ambition. ‘PETALS’ is a strange song, with its intricate, moving bassline providing most of the song’s tangible melodies, and also magically keeping time and providing rhythm, while the guitars are busy jangling away with their distortion and washed-out reverb, and the drums are also busy being extremely mad, there’s nothing not incredibly sweet about ‘PETALS’. 

The vocals are also what we’ve come to expect from the duo, full of swagger and swing, and the words are needlessly deep. This song could have gone for simple, second-hand words, but since this is Wotts, we have syncopated wizardry, metaphors, and heavy-hitting lines. With ‘PETALS’, the duo are once again proving themselves to be capable songwriters and producers. Moreover, the duo are also proving that they are bold enough to take risks and to make their songs as weird as they want them to be. Wotts are not holding back.