UK-based alt-rock band Woon’s debut single “Pet Names” has such an iconic intro, it took our breath away…

“Pet Names” could have been an extraordinary song with just that into…dark, heavy, melodic, anthemic…but with the rest of the song as well adopting an extremely high level of creativity and rockin’ talent…the song could really transcend being just an amazing song and reach a level of charisma that only few songs has reached.

“Pet Names” is grungy, indie, raw with strong hints of nineties slacker rock…while also being very accessible to a huge range of audiences…it has very strong melodic vocal lines that can make it an instant hit across multiple genres and many different audiences.

Woon manages to create an authentic unleashed alt-rock hit…an absolute hit too…that will make us feel like the greatness of Nirvana and that golden time is still alive and well.

Everything sounds perfect…and everything feels perfect too when listening to Woon’s “Pet Names”.

Woon’s awesome members are…

Harry Woon – Vocals and Guitars

Eli Woon – Vocals and Drums

Alfie Woon – Vocals and Bass

Woon showed up on BBC Introducing and were given the title of the “deliciously grungy gem”…that’s big.

“Pet Names” is an instant hit and a highly recommended listen…actually go check it out right now…now!

We wish Woon all the best…and hey, if this is your debut…it’s done, you’re going places, very quickly…you’re actually almost there with just “Pet Names”…but we want a lot more.

Keep rockin’