Did you hear before about PeroxWhy?Gen? Okay, if you don’t know them, what about their vocalist Jeff Hardy? Yes, Jeff Hardy, the former WWE and TNA Superstar, who is also known as The Charismatic Enigma. For me, he is a real Batman who entertained us with breaking the limits of fear. I listened to some stuff by PeroxWhy? Gen especially after listening to one of the band’s known songs, ‘Explanation’.

I liked the style of this classic, emotional, and catchy sound of the acoustic guitar, with the effective performance and the deep, touching lyrics. When I listened to PeroxWhy? Gen‘s latest album, Within The Cygnus Rift, I wanted to share with you my experience with PeroxWhy?Gen‘s music.

Firstly, the album opened with an unusual spoken track called ‘Reflection’. It carried some Atmospheric/Ambient effects in addition to some sounds of cello. ‘Submission’ is the second track of the album and has heavy, powerful guitar sounds, basically the taste of Alternative Rock music. ‘Obtuse’ is one of the heaviest tracks on the album and its speed and style are really close to Heavy/Thrash Metal music.

‘Presence’ had a different taste. It carried the smell of Post Rock, and the riffs of a cold, cloudy morning with light sun rays. The tunes of the guitars and the keys mixed with some Atmospheric/Symphonic colors reflected the rooms of any human. It is a purely spiritual track.

As for ‘Rebelyes’, I got addicted to this track. It was opened with an emotional acoustic intro then came in the rebellious part.

“You can’t play with forever there’s no going back
You can take what’s Rebelyes from my on attack
I’ve been losing for years, wish I could switch it all
You can have what’s Rebelyes for your protocol”

As for me, it was the best track on the album after ‘Distance’, its harmony and musical style will give you power to break all the walls, end your fears, make your own choices, and set yourself free. I think this track reflected the real character of Jeff Hardy. ‘Metalbed’ carried a very good solo, Jeff‘s performance was really good.
‘Metaphors’ is a nice Rock track, its riffs were full of anger and darkness. ‘Scenario’ was an emotional track with an attractive intro and catchy guitar melodies. ‘Obsolete’ reflects the conflicts everyone has through the journey of life. It is a very powerful track with an epic closing. ‘Humans Gone’ is a tragic piece with the magic of keys and cello.

‘Physicalelse’ is a piece with nice melodies and impressive vocals performance. As for ‘Distance’, well, it is a masterpiece, the best of the best. If you listened to the old stuff by Peroxwhy?Gen, you would find that ‘Distance’ is the ‘Black And White’ track but in a new style. The track was opened with the same acoustic tunes of ‘Black and White’. It’s a highly emotional track, talking about the death of close ones.

“Distance between us feels like it’s so far
The beauty of one breath takes us to the stars
The Distance between us is not all that far
The beauty of one breath took me to the stars
The Distance between us will close in due time
It’s the distance between us that now intertwines
To connect my soul
With your human side
Existences waiting
Temporary goodbye”.

The sorrowful tone of Jeff’s voice reflected the atmosphere of bittersweet memories through deep ridges and lyrics. The whole band managed to play and compose a great emotional masterpiece, ‘Distance’ may be the gate for more and more fans of Peroxwhy?Gen.

‘Placate‘ is the last track in this impressive album. It is Jeff Hardy’s entrance track in TNA. It opens with a strange surreal noise, and it carried a variety of riffs, it was full of strength and enthusiasm. I liked the way the track is closed with the same style of the first track ‘Reflection’.

What a great experience I had. The album contains all kinds of moods. Whatever you are, happy, sad, or angry, you will find a track which reflects your emotions. The vocals and the performance of Jeff Hardy are greatly improved. The harmony and the usage of all instruments was excellent. PeroxWhy?Gen did a great job and composed a very good piece of art, I can easily rate it 9.5 out of 10.


Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie