CRUZ @vnyvc

Straight out of Toronto, Ben Teeney brings us energetic energy with his exciting tracks, and the new project (double single) “Perfect Stranger x Gretzky’s Advice” is unbelievably amazing because of its rhythms. It’s the fusion of Rock, Pop, and Emo with a powerful chorus and a melody that hits any person.

The two songs are related to the theme; they both explore the experience of falling in love with the best and closest friend while carrying their own identities and complementing each other well, which very accurately encapsulates both sides of the coin: the massive crush and the massive rejection.

Telling the admiration Ben lived and sought to develop but returned with a broken heart, the first track, “Perfect Stranger,” begins with a continuous arrangement and keyboards with their amazing and expressive sound, like Emo Rock, and then enters the guitar with its notes and enthralls us until the explosive and dance chorus beats to catchy rhythms. The bass before the chorus makes our hearts beat faster until the punk effects of the second clip bring it to life just right.

On Track Two, “Gretzky’s Advice,” Ben documents the fallout from unrequited admiration in a great atmosphere, with the help of ’80s synths, huge guitars, and reverberating bass. It’s Indie-Pop with Rock leanings at the core of live guitar, amid a more electronic arrangement and fast beats, leading to a more engaging chorus, as Ben conquers us with deep-to-high pitched vocals on some tracks. From the beginning of the song, though the mood is gloomy and reflective, Ben has been eluding us with his powerful voice amid the exciting beats.

Both tracks are very danceable and come in a special format with an energetic and lively atmosphere filled with thoughts and feelings that everyone can relate to. And if you like the two-part story, add both songs to your playlist because Ben is a good and promising artist.