Trash Pals is absolutely anything but trash. A duo whose excellent musicianship creates quite a fresh sonic identity that’s effortless, easy going, and just very breezy, Trash Pals return with ‘Perfect Dream’. 

‘Perfect Dream’ is extremely warm. The mix feels close like you’re just hanging out with the guys in their bedroom while they conceive the song right in front of your eyes and ears. The duo of Conor Rayne and Gabe Schneider is based in Los Angeles, and the two artists have illustrious track records. Rayne worked with Chance the Rapper, and Schneider with Jon Batiste. So it is not a surprise that they bring a perfectly balanced sound, executed with love and care, and steeped in sonic character.

Haphazard and largely carefree, the duo’s sound is simplistic and akin to 90s pop rock, revamped. Impish, the monotonous vocal melody is very effective and easy to love pit against the jittery, peppy, and melodic bass line. The drums are snappy and the groove is inventive, the sync between drums and bass being a centerpiece to why the song even works. The hopeful 2-chord verse is dreamy, and the melodic hooks with the affectionate piano part behind them are a pleasure to hear.

The extremely warm mix works magic with the song’s overdriven rhythm guitars and vocal harmony lines, also locking the bouncy bass part with the syncopated drums in an unerring groove. ‘Perfect Dream’ is nothing short of a masterclass in songwriting with its perceived simplicity and all the depth behind it. Quite deceptive. A song that is not taking itself too seriously, ‘Perfect Dream’ is lighthearted and enjoyable, and Trash Pals are just terrific.