Ainsley Costello’s latest single ‘People Pleaser’ is a conventional reaffirmation of the charm of the simple pop tune. Sparkling production that handles the pulling vocals, driving composition, and engaging words capably, and a straight-to-the-point attitude, ‘People Pleaser’ is a short-living stunner.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Ainsley Costello is a pop singer and songwriter whose sound is reminiscent of that of Taylor Swift and Chappell Roan in that it is peppy, bright, optimistic, and gently electrifying. ‘People Pleaser’ has a composition that sounds cozy and familiar, but with Costello’s distinctively vulnerable and high-reaching vocal delivery, and her handling of the song’s infectious melodies, the compositions end up sounding like pretty much what any pop tune could need.

Discussing radio pop can not be complete without discussing the production value, and ‘People Pleaser’ readily excels on that front. Dynamic and jubilant, with a solid beat, a wall of synths, and a healthily processed vocal part, Christian Harger’s production is spotless. Pristine and crisp sound that helps all the song’s elements fall right into their right spots.

‘People Pleaser’ is a part of Costello’s upcoming album, and continuing to carve a name for herself, she got us all ready and in anticipation. A simple and beautiful piece of pop music that’s a good reminder of why the radio is full of things just like this.