For 14 minutes, Steven Clarkson or When Mountains Speak takes you on a vivid acoustic exploration journey, via the song Penguins and Marmalade, through which you can escape for a while outside of time, by tracking guitar rhythms and distorting them with electronic effects. Each soundtrack is firmly rooted in deep spiritual roots, as it was born through the artist’s sole curiosity about the unknown.

Through the superior tones that Clarkson makes in Penguins and Marmalade with intense improvisation, a rougher, more solid musical texture is made without singing and lyrics, but which emits disparate resonances that speak to your soul and mind to captivate you without feeling its gravity.

This psychedelic song, which incorporates visual effects and was performed at the When Mountains Speak studio in Texas where he resides, feels like you’re falling from the highest place in real life and starting again from the deepest point of imagination, and this is what electronic effects help you, and it confirms to you The rhythm that accompanies it, hence your journey begins when the guitar speaks differently.

It’s like a soundtrack for a movie about black holes written and directed by Steven Clarkson. You can’t stop it, but you will merge with it and the spacetime you live in collapses, losing your anticipation of what is coming from the sound scenes and then getting lost until you reach the end.

Penguins and Marmalade continue the career of master musician Steven Clarkson, assuring his continued creation of heart-wrenching and soulful pieces. So enjoy it.

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