I don’t think Sir Paul McCartney needs an introduction. The 71 year old has released his 16th solo album after his legendary history with The Beatles. No one can question that man’s ability as a songwriter. Months ago, he has released the music video of his song, ‘Appreciate’.

The music video’s first minute -if you ask me- is a waste. A robot, known as Newman, is on patrol in a museum of humans and he’s just passing by exhibitions. The song only starts at 1:24 when Sir Paul starts playing his guitar and then he leaves his exhibition with Newman. Then they roam the museum and there are other exhibitions; a puppeteer, a photographer, a young football player, an office and kids playing video games. Then in an instance, they all come to life and seem to be celebrating.

To me, the video seems to be calling for an appreciation to humans and their works of art that has also affected the robot himself. The song sounds like Techno Rock with a hint of classic catchy Pop. Although, it’s likely to get stuck in your head for some time, I enjoyed the upbeat down-tempo quality to the song. At times, you want to get up and dance along with Sir Paul McCartney.

Edited by: Nehal Ali