This year, Paul Martin continues his collaboration work with the Egyptian Guitarist/Vocalist Amr Medhat in his solo project. Martin released a number of singles after releasing his second full-length ‘Chapter II‘ last year – in which we reviewed one of them here – The new single is entitled ‘Beautiful Abyss’

Paul Martin carries certain criteria in musical composition as combining the sounds of space, the reflections of the universe, the classic tunes, and the employment of some atmospheric elements.

The general mood of the music goes back to that of the 80’s and the 90’s and brings the sounds of classic Rock/Metal to your mind. ‘Beautiful Abyss’ carries something different which is simplicity, but too much of it.

As mentioned, the track opens with classic tunes as Europe, Scorpion, and Bon Jovi; very classic tunes with few atmospheric touches. I didn’t like the idea of the repetition of riffs and lyrics, it got a little boring. On the other side, the vocals added more variety to the track; we have spoken, harsh vocals, and clean ones.

I tried to understand what’s the moral of repeating the same riffs of the track, after reading the lyrics and try to read Paul Martin’s mind, I realized that he may mean the concept of reflection or mirror; the man looks at himself to differentiate between right and wrong, fake and true, and reality and imagination. Paul Martin always tries to create an image of self-discovery through looking at the “space”, “the existence”, “the sky” and “Nature”.

In fact, this track is a shock for me after the beauty of ‘Chapter II’ and ‘Starborn’. Regarding the rate is 6/10.


Edited by: Bishoy Nader.