Patti Spadaro Band‘s latest single, “Glass Shatters,” is a triumphant celebration of women and a poignant acknowledgment of the historic milestone achieved by the first female Vice President. Set for release on June 8, 2024, this track is an anthem of empowerment, resilience, and progress.

From the opening lines, “Glass Shatters” captures the listener’s attention with its vibrant and optimistic energy. The song begins with the vivid imagery of shattered glass, symbolizing breaking barriers and clearing the way for new opportunities. The lyric, “Declare today a holiday, put on your sneakers, turn up your speakers, and dance,” immediately sets a tone of joyous celebration and unity.

Musically, the track features the signature elements of the Patti Spadaro Band, known for their organic grooves and spontaneous jam sessions. Patti Spadaro‘s lead guitar work shines throughout the song, delivering both technical prowess and emotional depth. Her vocals, harmonizing beautifully with background vocalists Cherylann Hawk, Jill Simmons, and Alison McTavish, add layers of richness and warmth to the composition.

Anne Celedonia’s keyboard work provides a melodic foundation that complements Spadaro’s guitar, while the rhythm section, consisting of drummer Eric Kurtzrock and bassist Ryan Black, drives the song forward with a steady, infectious beat. The production, handled at Blue Door Recorders in Pittsburgh, is polished and professional, allowing each instrument and vocal to shine.

Lyrically, “Glass Shatters” is a powerful ode to women’s achievements and the ongoing fight for equality. The pre-chorus lines, “Some people say, they don’t believe it, others cry ‘you must have cheated’,” reflect the skepticism and challenges that often accompany progress. However, the chorus is an uplifting call to action: “We should be waking up to celebrations, women, this is our nation, keep rising up, never giving up, hear us Roar, Hear us Roar.”

The bridge, “Lotus rising up from the mud, grow though resistance, bloom from a bud, float on the water, bloom brighter and broader, rise high,” employs the metaphor of a lotus flower, symbolizing growth and beauty emerging from adversity. This imagery beautifully encapsulates the song’s message of perseverance and triumph.

“Glass Shatters” is not only a standout single but also a significant addition to Patti Spadaro’s impressive body of work. Her ability to blend heartfelt songwriting with memorable melodies and engaging performances is evident in this track. As a celebration of women’s achievements and a reminder of the power of unity and resilience, “Glass Shatters” is poised to resonate with a wide audience and inspire listeners everywhere.

Overall, Patti Spadaro Band’s “Glass Shatters” is a testament to the transformative power of music, delivering an uplifting and inspiring message wrapped in an engaging and expertly crafted musical package.

–Jamie Wallace

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