Punk veterans Call in Dead released their 1st single “Patriarchy” with their new singer Ripley on the 29th of April 2022. The trio has been active for a while blending all their influences with their love for hardcore punk creating a special mix that fits all heavy music lovers. Call In Dead released so far, an EP, a set of digital singles, a live 7”, a live Ep that I was lucky to review earlier this year and they have a full length coming out this fall. Ripley their new singer kept the aggression going while tackling new areas lyrically that the band described as “powerful lyrics that couldn’t have come at a more important time since we are a Florida band and our governor has passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill which could have severe impact on the LGBTQ+ community.”

Patriarchy just hits you in the face with a brutal aggressive intro that leads into a machinegun riff that’ll satisfy any heavy music lover. It is a straightforward hardcore tune with its fast riffs and diverse vocal delivery from aggressive to screaming and brutal vocals, those aspects created a lot of energy and dynamics in this short period of time making it a heavy dose of ear-pleasing brutality.

Patriarchy is another bold message delivered with no mercy by Call in Dead with no sugar coating or whatever, it is just a clear message, we are Call in Dead and this is what we do, you can take it or simply F off and I LOVE IT. Looking forward for more Call in Dead, cheers!