Jeremy Varner

Guitarist and songwriter Alec Berlin releases alt-country instrumental single “Patchen Avenue” from Brooklyn, New York on the 17th of November.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Alec Berlin moved to New York City twenty-five years ago after completing a Masters Degree in Jazz Performance at Boston’s New England Conservatory.

The instrumental single “Patchen Avenue” differs from most instrumental music in that it takes the form of a vocal-based song, but without the vocals. Alec makes this work by substituting this missing ingredient with concise guitar playing and pop songwriting that tells a story without words. 

A Radiohead-like intro, followed Weezer-like guitar licks set the tone of the track with elements that you wouldn’t think would work together, but actually do work together to create this very unique sound.

“Patchen Avenue” takes you on an uplifting and nostalgic journey around town, telling you the stories of all the corner shops and the people working in them.

The song’s sections repeat, like going round and around town where new places become familiar on second visit.

Walking at the pace of the drums feels like we’re in a hurry to see all the places, almost like Alec is too excited to show us around this tour of his new home-city in Brooklyn.

Alec Berlin has been an in-demand sideman on stages and in studio for two decades before deciding it was time to pour his experience on his fourth release Space Punk and Other Junk (what a cool name, too!). We can’t wait to hear more creative instrumental work from this veteran artist.