Corwin Loach

Gallowayyys is a solo project by the Los Angeles-based artist, Blake Alexander. His latest single ‘Party With You’ is one of the tracks that personally touched me in 2022. 

He describes the song as an imbalance of romance, drama, and self-destruction,” Tell me, who among us has never felt or known a person who was going through self-destruction and a general disorder in his life. In my opinion, the video along with the music are giving the ultimate goal of the track. I believe this track would open a new wave of music that has many influences and styles including rap rock, pop-punk, Emo, and electronica as well. Blake described that he is building a new platform which aims to help young people to speak up for their needs and inner feelings, and hoping that someday the universe listens; “my goal is to build a community where young people can feel comfortable opening up about the unique experiences that define us. If we can scream with one voice at the same time, the universe will listen.”

The song structure is pretty tight and I love how it’s mixed indeed. Also, he was very smart to collaborate with Toucon, as he added amazing and catchy guitar riffs. In general, I am pretty amazed by his music, and I believe it’s one of the tracks that is hard to describe. I am talking about a genius man who was capable in less than 3:30 minutes to deliver such a great and strong message. Gallowayyys isn’t just making music he is revolutionizing it. Blake Alexander, I am your first fan from Egypt. And I cannot wait to listen to his upcoming releases.