Wout van Heck

Through the sleepless, restless nights when melatonin is low due to overthinking the fears that are conveyed through the dark. 

Julia Sole finally sang and composed our inner emotions and mental chaos and put them into lyrical and musical order; titled ‘Paranoid Sleeping’.

From Utrecht, Netherlands The alternative indie rock artist, composer and producer Julia Sole is releasing a debut track of the upcoming EP expressing the fears we feel and overthink just after the bedroom’s lights go out.

The track begins with a grudge drum alongside vague epic synths that cast curiosity into the ears and mind of the listener. 

Paranoid Sleeping’ is a challenge-themed track containing numerous human emotions and vibes through the effortless touching vocals of Julia’s and also the background screams by the end of the track added a touch of realism as the voices you heard in your head at night.

The track could be introduced as a theme track to a video game, particularly speaking about EA Sports’ FIFA video game as the track could be a marvelous menu soundtrack.

So who’s excited about the EP? Aside from me of course!