With a sound that brings to mind German metal bands like Rammstein and Helloween, Bandwithoutband’s Marc is a solo multi-instrumentalist who has been making music since he was in school. In “Paranoia”, Marc drowns into the deep dark depths of humanity with heavy riffs, screams, and growls. The track combines aggressiveness with an air of gloom to create a unique sound, one that teenagers and adults alike could pound their anger with or howl as they take a cross-country drive listening to. It’s not simply an alt-rock/ post-grunge track but a confessional of a dangerous mind.
Bandwithoutband is an angry band, one that is not afraid to disturb or provoke. With “Paranoia”, near-perfect synchrony of the drums and rhythm guitar create a universe of its own, of a sick mind lost in its prison of thoughts. “Paranoia” walks the fine line between angst and relatable, owing to its strong vocals, powerful lyrics, and heavy metal tones. Overall, this track works well and shows a promising future for Bandwithoutband’s next musical numbers. 

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Jaylan Salah