Wind, string, percussion, acoustic and electrical, you name it. Parallel Dimensions offer a world where everything is possible, through the power of music and the objective of inspiring and bridging cultures and traditions through the use of music, the lineup in this album represents that and much more.

Dropping this April, Meridian 71’s third album features original compositions by Giuseppe and performances by an eclectic and multicultural ensemble of well-established Boston-based musicians.

Presenting a collection of six songs, Parallel Dimensions does indeed include a wide range of styles, instruments and dynamic layers of sounds that represent what the group and vision of the band are all about.

The first song ‘Kaizen’ stands out from all the rest, only from its unique intro of vocal sounds that give an initial, first sensation of folk music.

‘Memories of the Future’ starts off with a much melancholic tune through gentle notes of a piano and a clarinet. Transporting you to a future where the worries of today may feel like a bittersweet memory.

‘Joriki’ and ‘It’s only the beginning’ are quieter tunes that could be played in a coffee shop as white noise.

‘Tony’ leans more towards the bouncy jazz that makes you wanna boogie.

The album ‘Parallel Dimensions’ is a refreshing compilation of one-of-a-kind music. It does a great job showcasing the culture-mixed society that exists nowadays. The different levels of sounds and rhythms could only be achieved through a band like Meridian 71.

Meridian 71 is a cross-cultural music project created and led by Giuseppe Paradiso since 2012. The project name comes from Boston’s longitude: the 71st meridian that passes precisely through the eastern part of the city.

“Boston is the location where I met musicians from different parts of the globe. We are deeply connected and speak the common language of music together.” –reflects Giuseppe. “Meridian 71 became the creative laboratory and space to develop this music.”