William Denton Wilde describes his project as “a one-person band that comprises one Human, one Bass guitar called ‘Shirley Bassy’’ and an iPad”. He plays an interesting mix of various genres from gothic to synth and new wave with a little bit of indie rock and today we will be reviewing his latest single “Paradise Lost on Leith”

“Paradise Lost on Leith” is a sonic trip led by WDW, it has a dramatic intro and when the main melody hits, you’ll jump on board. It is nicely layered and the sounds and effects give a gloomy dark mood as you go with them through their trip to Leith on narrow streets in their big green machine. The deep, slow vocal melody will keep you hooked and listening carefully to the lyrics throughout the whole song and it fits the melodies and effects perfectly.
Totally recommended for electronic, industrial, new wave, and synth lovers, looking forward to what Willam has in store.

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