The latest track from UK-based rockers Attic Theory is named “Papier-Mâché” and is a powerful and groovy Alt Rock track. The track features esteemed vocalist Kevin Martin from the band Candlebox

The track begins right away with the main riff and the popular vocal hook that puts emphasis on the melody. The band’s main vocalist has a very unique and characteristic voice, and the guest vocals sing some harmonies during the verse and pre-chorus that will enrich the melody and keep it stuck in your head for days on end. 

The second verse switches the roles of the main vocalist and the guest vocalist, in a very beautiful way that provides variety and versatility to the sound.

The richness and fluidity of the composition truly show themselves during the bridge, which is followed by one of the best guitar solos of the year, as it word-paints the vocal melody and then has a shreddy part. There is a second calmer bridge after that followed by one final chorus/refrain which beautifully closes the song.

In conclusion, this is the song for you if you loved that 2000s Alternative Rock/Alternative Metal sound but wanted to hear it with a lot of variety and a high-octane production that allows you to hear the fine details of the bass guitar and vocals well in the mix. A 10/10 track.