Every band has its own identity, vibe, and aesthetic that they channel through their music and the way they deliver it to their audience. Rogue Proxy chose a loud and unique way to portray its identity and music. Starting with their artwork with their “Rogue Proxy Icon” which the band refers to as the alter-ego and ‘artificial intelligence’ behind their music. Then with a very unusual story, their idea of a ‘genre-defying’ sound came to life when the duo was experimenting with different sounds and frequencies resulting in pushing their amps and compressors to their limits causing an unexpected accident that led to something unusual and unexpected that they called “Rogue Proxy”. The band has left their mark and received immense recognition since they released their first single back in 2020, leading to their 7th single release ‘Paparazzi Sniper’. The song is fun, hyped, and has an interesting repetitive pattern. The guitar tunes are layered, wild, loud, and unapologetic as if the riffs played have an identity of their own. It’s a fresh sound with a new take on the rock/pop blend. The band’s motto sums it up as “A new flavor of rock” which is later explained as “a mix between classic Guns n’ roses and modern R.H.C.P” also, “illegitimate love child between the Red-Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk.”


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