Inspiring and bringing together indie artists with contributing artists from all over the world, they all contribute their talents, in the heart of the pandemic, to an ever-growing collection of music, creating their own “Pandora’s box” full of pleasant surprises. The second full-length album was released on January 7 and is called “Pandora’s Box,” which includes 15 singles collected and played in collaboration with musicians from everywhere.

In the opening track “Without Me,” the tender, caring, beautiful vocals of Grant Barbour, who sings with passion, and melodies are layered with uplifting guitar riffs to depict letting go your beloved one. If you enjoy a silent wake on a rainy day with headphones in your ears and appropriate music, “The Beauty Of The Rain,” with its heartfelt lyrics and the soulful vocals of the multi-talented Mark Breingan, will make you feel as if raindrops are falling on your cheeks and hope is within the rainbow, while devoting time to admire the beauty. Passionate, powerful vocals with the R&B melodies in “All To Do” and relatable lyrics to all of us when facing life, thinking you’ve reached the finish line, only to discover it’s nothing but the beginning of another line and you still have it all to do. “Otherside of Me” has a bitter, determined vocal timbre, along with a dynamic musical composition and lyrics that touch the parts of us that we try to hide in the dark. Showing the variety of the music composition and nailing any music genre, in “Lost Highway” there are country rock vibes with the vibrant rocking. Even though it has the same outstanding vocalist, Scott Mulhearn, it has a very different atmosphere from “Sin.” “BlackWater,” featuring Ryan Lucas, has a cold, dismal ambiance, rich vocals, and enthralling guitar riffs.

And, because Pandora means “all-gifts,” there are more incredible gifts in the box, such as instrumental tracks like the instrumental version of “Crashing Down,” which has an energetic sound from the layered guitar chords and the fast-tempo drumbeats, making you want to crash down your own defensive walls yourself, then regret doing so later when the track ends. “From Here” has a dreamy, soothing atmosphere with a superb guitar solo, giving you the feeling that it’s OK to be without the one you love, it’s OK to feel lost, it’s OK to have to do a lot, it’s OK to accept the other side of you, it’s almost as if you’re just lost in the moment with that wonderful production. Spacey vibes and a mysterious mood with the guitars and bass in “Listening To The Cosmos,” like you’re lost in outer space and waiting for the universe to give you a sign. The closing track is “Into The Deep.” It closes powerfully with an atmospheric, dynamic piece that feels like you’re on a car ride going on a lifetime adventure, packing nothing with you but your inner peace.

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