After two singles reaching over 10k views, SAWARO are back with yet another track that’s bound to get your head dropping to the ground from the way you’ll be intensely headbanging to it. Entitled “Pandora”, this new single has a lot of different genres masterfully mixed into its smart yet crushingly heavy arrangement.

“Pandora” begins with some extended and ethereal vocal lines over a stompy riff that immediately reminded me of Godsmack and other 2000s Alternative Metal bands. That feeling was further intensified when the chorus and the refrain after it hit, and a touch of melody showed itself within an otherwise percussive and chuggy song. While the tropes and staples of Nu and Alternative Metal are everywhere in the first 2 minutes of this three-minute tune, there is an undeniable element of individuality that SAWARO brings into the mix. Maybe it’s in the way the vocals have a lot of twang and grit without being overdone or exaggerated, or the way the drums sound real and larger-than-life, or maybe it’s just the extreme catchiness of the guitar line that makes you fall in love with it at first listen.

Your reasons may differ from mine, but what I can assure you is that 2 minutes into this song you’ll be headbanging and enjoying the arrangement and the vocals much more than you think you would.

And just when you think the song has nothing more to offer, you hit the bridge section which is a super heavy breakdown with growling vocals and thunderous drums. My jaw dropped open and my face almost hit my coffee table because of that part alone. It’s followed by a chorus/outro section and then the song stops right there…leaving me and every other listener craving for a whole album full of this chuggy chunky heaviness.

To sum it all up, these guys feel like a blend of Korn, The Deftones, and Godsmack…with a sizzle of metalcore sprayed on top. There is no fair way to describe the fine and delicate balance they have attained in mixing such elements from multiple genres and I can only speak of the enjoyment I had with this track and advise you guys to go have a listen to it. Every single thing you loved about heavy music in the 2000s is here…and then some more.