“Pandemonium” is the latest single from the LA based band The Daytime High…and it’s a very full and rich pop/rock experience that engages us in a conversation about life and how chaotic it can get and living through it all.

The production value of “Pandemonium” is extremely high, when I first heard it I immediately wanted to get to know who are the amazing minds behind this production…so let’s get to meet them…

Micael Johansson on guitar and vocals

David James on guitars, percussion, and vocals

Rich Buckland on bass, Keys, Vocals and production

Recorded by Rich Buckland in the Garudio in the Thousand Oaks and mixed by Curt Piar

“Pandemonium” is a classical rock song with pop elements, it feels nostalgic and it sounds modern…the tempo of the song is perfectly balanced to get out the energy while also balancing the great melodic tunes and vocal performances.

Seeing the results…this must have been such a harmonious collaboration between all of the artists who worked on this release.

Between the amazingly talented people of The Daytime High, we’re getting amazing songs, music and AAA production quality.

They already have several singles out there that explore different moods and genres, shoegaze, alternative rock and classic rock…an absolute banger of a tracklist they have as of now…psst, check out their song “Reaper”, amazing.

Not to forget the lyrics, these guys also have a message to share with the world..

The song talks about the desire for someone to tag along and join on our life journey…

It also talks about our inner strengths and vulnerabilities…and how we can compromise, because that is how life will continue to grow…

Such relatable topics are always the shortest way to the audiences’ hearts…

To The Daytime High, we wish you all the best in life, you definitely deserve it and a lot more.

Can’t wait to check out your next releases.