Oakland-based folk-rock group, Wayfairy, featuring Ezra Teshome, made an unforgettable statement to their home country leaders and the world at large through their latest single release. The message delivered was truly iconic; “as we sing, bombs are falling on Gaza, settlements are expanding in the West Bank, and the United States is funding a genocide against Palestinian people being carried out by the settler state of Israel.”

The latest single release by Wayfairy, “Palestine Will Be Free,” needs no introduction with its clear title. The track’s musical arrangement is extraordinary, with the seamless blending of country/folk elements and a strong rock foundation. Quiver Watts’ heartfelt singing style is sure to move you, while Kevin Goldberg’s bass line provides a steady beat for the track. Additionally, the melodic harmonies layered by Ezra Teshome add a beautiful touch to the song. Overall, it’s a brilliant track that shouldn’t be missed.

“Drop of water, grain of sand,
There’s no peace on stolen land,”

Since the uprising began last October, I have seen many great songs indeed from various artists either from our MENA region or globally. However, their simplistic approach makes their message easily accessible to a global audience, without requiring extensive language skills. This is a testament to their songwriting ability and I applaud them for their smart move. Thank you guys really.

“Bombs built where a genocide sleeps,
Here in the belly of the beast.”

To be honest, I kind of optimistic about the current conflict between Palestine and the so-called state of Israel. On the one hand, I am happy that the Western world is taking a stand and trying to understand the conflict in a new way. This is a marked improvement from previous situations where it was unclear where people stood. The efforts of groups like Wayfairy are making a major impact in this regard. Their message is truly inspiring and worth quoting;

A small offering and meditation on the genocide in Palestine. Free Palestine forever. All proceeds will go to organizations supporting people in Gaza and organizing to end the genocide.