James Clumspty

The 4-member band; The Lunar Keys just dropped their latest single 3 days ago on all digital platforms. Although the band started releasing music in 2020 and has only 5 singles, each one of their songs has received remarkable feedback and gained the liking of many listeners resulting in a strong fan base. They have 189 monthly listeners on Spotify and some of their previous singles reached over 30K listening times on Spotify only. And it doesn’t stop here; their singles “If It Was”, “Stop This”, “Dance with Me” and “silent Ricochet” have reached over 32K views on YouTube except “Dreams R Never Spoken” which has reached over 66K views. The band members: The Steve on guitar, John on bass, Lexy on keyboards, and Dom on drums completed their lineup as a band in June 2020 and have been recording, rehearsing, and writing music in London and Guilford studios ever since. They were already featured on BBC Introducing and got longlisted for Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent 2020. 

“Oxygen Type” is all about partying the night away in any way you feel like, just living the moment, letting go, and living your night to its highest potential. The music portrays exactly that, it’s fun, upbeat, and wild with interesting pauses, intense guitar tunes, elaborate bass, and a hyper drum line. The vocals are hyped to fit the overall aesthetic of the song, then before the ending, an intense and elaborate electric guitar solo is played that heightens the mood. You sure want to add this song to your next party’s playlist. Breathe in, Breathe out…