Owen Marchildon is a songwriter and guitarist who has been part of the Toronto music scene since 2002. 2024 has seen Owen pulling back the veil of all of his previous monikers and releasing new music under his own name, starting with the sweet pop ode to his wife, “Heavy Dreams.” 

His latest release, “Celebrity Singles,” is a jangly rock ‘n’ roll tune about the loneliness and isolation of fame and the endless amount of energy that goes into maintaining the dream. After all, “in Hollywood nothing ever lasts forever, except plastic surgery and sunny weather.” Longtime bandmates and collaborators, Jordan Bruce and Brent Hough, spread out the sound, complimenting the style, imagination, and fabric of Owen’s songwriting.

Have you ever thought about being famous? The big paychecks, the luxury lifestyle, the endless amount of admiration? To be recognized everywhere you go. For most of us, it would be like walking around in a dream. But what if you actually did become a celebrity overnight? Would you be prepared to be praised and diabolically defaced all in the same month? Would you be able to hang onto who you actually are and not become the fabrications people are writing about? Owen Marchildon


Owen Marchildon‘s creative output has been prolific, producing volumes of his own music independently since 2005. 10 full length albums, one EP, and several singles under four different monikers: Purple Hill, Rough Skeletons, Marchildon! and High Wasted. Owen has also played bass for the critically lauded Math Rock Quartet, From Fiction, and later with Julie Kendall’s surf-soul project, 1977.

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