The Freight, a 5 piece band from Pembroke, United States, are set to release their new single “Overrated”. Just a 3 minute 26 second song saying a big “screw you!” to love and falling in love. The Freight lineup consists of Adam Tiro on guitar and lead vocals, Stephen Anderson on bass, Greg Tragellis on keys and vocals, Marc Loverin on drums and finally John Marinelli on percussion. 

At first listen, I realized this song is genre-bending, as in, cannot be tied to one genre. Traces of alt, rock n’roll, Soul and modern rock makes this song hard to confine into a “genre” box, though it is definitely outside the box! What drew me to the song was the rocking guitars, and vocals that are reminiscent of those of Jon Bon Jovi. The message of this song made me super excited, cause I am sick of all those love songs and lovey-dovey lyrics, The Freight gave it as it is! Love IS overrated. 

All in all, I absolutely loved this single of theirs, and cannot wait for it to be released so people will get to hear it, If you’re listening to this song, just a reminder: Love isn’t real and is “Overrated”.