Finland-based rock artist Willjack just released a new single featuring Tom Tikka, titled “Overnight Sensation”…and it’s a huge-sounding rock concert all wrapped into just one song.

After listening to “Overnight Sensation” I got that feeling exactly…it’s like a complete rock concert in just one song…helping it to achieve that is the mountainous sound quality and production of the song…

Each element, sound, instrument, vocal bit or lead line has been performed with the utmost of emotions…every little thing and every big thing…all has been passionately and masterfully crafted.

The piano sounds absolutely amazing behind Willjack’s out-of-this-world raspy vocals…the emotions in Willjack’s vocal performance is off the charts…and the masterful execution of the melodic vocal lines is iconic.

Tom Tikka co-wrote the track, arranged it, played on it and produced it with Janne Saksa…and let me tell you now, the production of “Overnight Sensation” is monumental.

The song explodes a couple of times into a musical climax, but nothing compares to the last chorus in the song…it’s a full orchestra with a full rock band with amazing vocals…it really culminates at the very top of the emotional graph, scoring an absolute ‘epic’ rating for taking us through this journey.

The production of “Overnight Sensation” is huge sounding and perfectly balances the emotional rollercoaster there…it knows when to keep it soft and nice and when to kick into high gear and just let everything just…explode!

We wish all the best to Willjack, Tom Tikka and Janne Saksa…they absolutely nailed it with their latest song “Overnight Sensation” and it is a highly recommended experience to anyone out there who enjoys-not just rock-but a pure solid song experience. Go check it out.