The Iranian alternative band founded by Amir Soltany is Overcoming Paranoid. Oh …that’s the name, they’re not overcoming paranoid, they ARE Overcoming Paranoid, and they’re alternative, but I already said that.

Overocoming Paranoid released 2 EP songs on soundcloud. 

First one is ‘Frabjous Day’ and it’s an electronic based song, which means that the melody, harmony and the beat are all electronic nothing is acoustic but vocals. The song has some nice effects/Synthpads, and I think it’s really cool for someone who’s into that. Didn’t do it for me for am not into that much electronic stuff, it’s still mellow though, so it was grand. The flow of the song however is very steady, so the song ended how it started with melody and beat and almost 80% of it.

Second one is ‘Imagine’, which is a tribute to John Lennon, the great English musician, singer and songwriter.

The song is very, very mellow and slow, and extremely electronic, feels like trap music somehow. The song has an oriental line in the middle, hidden somewhere in the song in there.

I personally thought it was a 6/10 wasn’t special, but wasn’t average.

The band is actually, and to be very honest, making good effort to do something, and it’s really good.

I would say I’m looking forward to seeing what their album is going to be, since they’re working on their first album right now.

Edited by: NJ Bakr