There’s a very good reason Ten Minute Detour have been gaining this much traction lately. With their genuine musical warmth, superbly written indie pop, and fantastically performed and produced songs, the trio have long since proved themselves capable craftsmen, and ‘Over Under’ is just more proof.

Having met in Alberta a little more than a decade ago, Ten Minute Detour, currently based in Toronto, have a long history of musicianship between them. Securing a spot for themselves as a staple on Canadian indie music charts, Ten Minute Detour have a wide base of fans and their star continues to grow. ‘Over Under’ is the first of three songs written by the trio, intended to be released over the summer.

Recorded and mixed by Marcus Paquin, known for his work with Local Natives and The Weather Station, two superb bands in their own right, there is little to no surprise that ‘Over Under’ sounds exquisite. A chill, easy-going ballad, with soothing guitar swells, soulful and pulling vocals, a steady, reaffirming beat, and flowing melodic warmth. Restrained, ‘Over Under’ takes pleasure in holding back, giving us just what it needs to keep going, resorting to sounding minimal at times. A hallmark of a truly capable group of musicians, comfortable playing together, and in command of their sound.

The multitudes of sweet guitar melodies and keyboard timbres on ‘Over Under’ make it one of 2024’s summer’s most exciting musical releases. A song perfect for nightly road trips along coastal roads, something the song’s cover art takes note of, ‘Over Under’ got me exceedingly excited for what more Ten Minute Detour and Marcus Paquin have in store over the coming months of the summer.