Russian rockers Under Delusion hit back with their latest heavy emotional single “Over The Rainbow”. Released on the 12th of August 2022, “Over The Rainbow” was written in the memory of their fellow musician and friend Maxx Verkhovski, and it’s one hell of a heartfelt one. Let me tell you why.

“Over The Rainbow” has a unique mysterious emotional feeling that hits you once you push play, the synth and beats mix with guitar arpeggios and deep melodic vocals at the verse was beautifully executed and I loved how it smoothly led us to the chorus. It has a catchy chorus that was done in an easygoing way with no overdoing matching the song’s mood perfectly, and it was given a tuned-down twist at the 2nd chorus that broke any steadiness you might feel shaking the song’s dynamics a little bit and created a build-up for the outro. Under Delusion succeeded in creating a solid song with loads of emotions and enjoyable melodies without overdoing or over-complicating things, just using their songwriting skills. “Over The Rainbow” has a smooth flow with touching melodies and vocals, it can easily slip into your on-repeat playlist. Totally recommended and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Under Delusion. Cheers!